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Red Nose Day to End Child Poverty


We meet most Thursdays at 12:00 pm at

the Tucson Country Club. 

Please check our Calendar tab for meeting dates.

The Rincon Rotary club is a diverse group of men and women interested in supporting each other through business networking and supporting our community through service projects.

We make things happens!!


We were chartered on May 29, 1968 and are proud of how we have helped communities in Tucson and throughout the world for 55 years.

Signature Fundraiser


Our signature Fundraiser is our annual "Taste of Chocolate" which raises money for our Signature Project, Rotary LOCAL.  

Our 14th Annual "Taste of Chocolate" will take place on April 13, 2025

at the DoubleTree Hotel on Alvernon.  

Please visit our site for more information:  

Signature Service Project

Our signature Service Project is Rotary LOCAL which provides local educators with classroom tools using local businesses as often as possible. 

If you are an educator or local business and would like to participate, please visit our site:

What We Are Up tp...

Shirleen Lee, the Elementary School Band Director at Ventana Vista Elementary, asked for Tubano drums to help students learn rhythms and note durations, and to act as an instrument for student composition or performance. The Rincon Rotary understands the value of music education and partnered with Tucson's Instrumental Music Center to help this educator with the materials she needs.

We prepared our annual BBQ lunch to the residents at

St. Luke's Assisted Living






​  President

   Emma Batty


     Lainie Armienti


     Dean Leonard

    Mike High

    Club Administration

      Scott Hagerman


      Rocky Ferrell

 Service Projects

   Debbie Graves

  Public Image

 Tom Eiff

 Youth Services

    Emma Batty


Lainie Armienti

Emma Batty
Barry Blonder

Paul Bowron

Frank Chambers

Dave Davenport

Tom Eiff

Mike Esparza

Rocky Ferrell

Mari Frye

Nathaniel Gahr

Wayne Glass

George Gottlinger

Debbie Graves

Scott Hagerman

Jack Heald

Mike High

Larry Housman

Stuart Katz

John Lee

Elise Lusko

Ed LeGendre

Pete Lehman

Dean Leonard

James Mandolini

Ethan McCardell

Paul McKneight

Fred Muthard

William Patterson

Michael Peller

Beth Peterson

Jon Plimpton

Carlos Ruiz

Gary Rumack

Carol Savard

Larry Schmidt

Phil Scott

Scott Stewart

Warren Tyler

Don Zepp



Vern Andor

Rad Fisher

Anne Gartner

Wendy Hobbs

Patty Martin-Mabini

Glenn Shaw

Marisa Salcido Urquides School 1DEc23.jpg

Rotary Local provided funding to purchase robot educational kits for the

K-5 classrooms at the

Urquides Elementary

on the West side of Tucson.


We supported the Desert Skies Methodist Church annual Flea Market as we do every year

Grant to Purchase Books For

Empire School

English Classe

We donated items for a play area at

Cragin Elementary through Rotary LOCAL

Dictionary Project.jpg

We annually participate in

The Dictionary Project

We donated items for a play area at

Cragin Elementary

through Rotary LOCAL

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image000000 4.jpg
image000000 3.jpg

Marissa Orr, the U of A student, produced a YouTube video on Rotary LOCAL and Taste of Chocolate. 

Go to_


This are representative samples of the many community service projects

we engage in during the course of each year.

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