Red Nose Day to End Child Poverty

AZ Daily Star Sportmen's Fund Send a Kid To Camp with Pres Josh Ewing
AZ Daily Star Sportmen's Fund Send a Kid To Camp with Pres Josh Ewing

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St. Lukes
St. Lukes

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AZ Daily Star Sportmen's Fund Send a Kid To Camp with Pres Josh Ewing
AZ Daily Star Sportmen's Fund Send a Kid To Camp with Pres Josh Ewing

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We meet most Thursdays at 12:10pm at

the Tucson Country Club. 

Please check our Calendar tab for meeting dates.

The Rincon Rotary club is a diverse group of men and women interested in supporting each other through business networking and supporting our community through service projects.

We make things happens!!


We were chartered on May 29, 1968 and are proud of how we have helped communities in Tucson and throughout the world for 52 years.

Signature Fundraiser

Our signature Fundraiser is our annual "Taste of Chocolate" which raises money for our Signature Project, Rotary LOCAL.  

Our next "Taste of Chocolate" will be April 10, 2022 at the Doubletree Reid Park, 2pm - 4pm.  Tickets are just $15/pp.  Please visit our site for more information:  

Signature Service Project

Our signature Service Project is Rotary LOCAL which provides local educators with classroom tools using local businesses as often as possible. 

If you are an educator or local business and would like to participate, please visit our site:


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           Scott Hagerman


           Warren Tyler


             Fred Muthard


               Pete Lehman


               Anne Gartner

Club Administration:

               Warren Tyler


               Rocky Ferrell

Service Projects:

               Mike Esparza

Public Image:

               Tom Eiff

Youth Services:

              Emma Batty



Luis Aguilar

Vern Andor

Lainie Armienti

Emmy Batty

Barry Blonder

Frank Chambers

Max Crowell

Jeffrey Cruz

Dave Davenport

Tom Eiff

Mike Esparza

Rocky Ferrell

PDG Rad Fisher

Mari Frye

Anne Gartner

Debbie Graves

Scott Hagerman

Jack Heald

Wendy Hobbs

Larry Housman

Stuart Katz

Candace Lansberry

John Lee

Ed LeGendre

Pete Lehman

Fred Muthard

Steve Pedigo

Michael Peller

Bob Pratt

Gary Rumack

Larry Schmidt

Glenn Shaw

Scott Stewart

Warren Tyler

Don Zepp

Don Zimmerman

Peace Pole.jpg

July 2021:

Congratulations to our CFO, Anne Gartner, for being recognized and honored for her service to our country and her fellow American citizens. She will be inducted into the VA Hall of Fame on October 15, 2021, accompanied by her husband, Jeffrey.

June 2021

As part of our club's Peace Project, we will

be delivering Be Kind literacy sets to the Tanque Verde Elementary School.

May 25, 2021

Rincon Rotarians Steve, Mike, and Emma delivered a Buddy Bench to TVES as part of our club's Peace Project funded partly through a District Grant.  Assistant Principal Julie Laird joined in on the fun.

April 24, 2021


As our Club Service Project for April we joined the Rotary Club of Tucson to participate in a Camp Lawton 100th Anniversary Service Day.

Camp Lawton is the Boy Scout Camp located on Mt. Lemmon and our members spent a pleasant day helping out the Boy Scouts on the mountain.

February 5, 2021

The generosity of our Rincon Rotary Club members continue great support to our community.  On behalf of our members, President Steve and Mike Esparza delivered 168 No-Slip Socks for the Veterans who are patients at the Tucson VA Hospital.  Pictured with Steve and Mike is a wonderful lady by the name of Cathi Starr; a Veteran herself, who sponsored and supported our Club's visit last week on 5 February 2021. Another great lady by the name of Sandy Pedigo (a Veteran) made the sign that Mike and Steve are holding.  

December 2020:

Our club participated in Rotary Global Grant #2096305 to provide clean water and functioning bathrooms and sanitation facilities to a little village in the mountains of Guatemala.  The first phase was the distribution of portable water filters by EcoFiltro (made in Guatemala) to the families in El Jute, Guatemala.  The next phase, started in November 2020, includes the construction of new bathrooms.  

December 21, 2020:

Of significant excellence for Rincon Rotary Club members, is a picture of our hard-at-work members, with the help of Vice=Principal Julie, installing our first Peace Pole at the Tanque Verde Elementary School.