September 17, 2020




We had 18 members in attendance and 1 guest.


Our thoughts go out to Luis and Jennifer Aguilar; to PP Bud Stewart and his family on the loss of his wife, Shari, also a past member, and to Patty Marti-Mabini as she continues to battle MS.



President’s Report:


We will not have a meeting next week; our next Zoom meeting is Oct. 1.


The Tucson Country Club is still not allowing guests so we will plan on meeting via Zoom until the end of the year;


Members are encouraged to check out our website regularly for project updates, the Club bulletin, and calendar of events and speakers;


Thanks to Stuart for stepping into the Rotary Local Chair position.  We are still looking for a Club Administration Chair.  If interested, please contact President Steve;


The Tour de Tucson has been rescheduled from November 21, 2020 to April 10, 2022.  However, the District will still hold an indoor Ride To End Polio so stay tuned for more information;


The District Conference has been rescheduled from Sept. 11-12, 2020 to June 4-5, 2021.  A volunteer is needed to host our club’s Hospitality Suite on Friday, June 4.  Please let President Steve know if you’re interested;


World Polio Day is Oct. 24 and if you go to “EndPoliio.org”, you can participate in the virtual event. 



Rotary Assist:


We have received $775 in pledges for THREAD, Together for Hope, Resiliency, Empowerment, and Development, Project supporting refugees by giving them the tools they need to produce and sell face masks.  With the match of $500 from our Foundation, Wendy and Steve will present a check for $1275 to Rotary Peace Fellow Mark Flanigan on Sept. 21.


Rotary Local:


We have completed three projects and are following up on two from last fiscal yea



Service Project:


In September, we are working on the list of schools for our Dictionary Project even if we will only be allowed to deliver the dictionaries to the school office rather than delivering them directly to the students.  We will consider preparing a video that can be shared with the students.  Our first recipient will be the Gospel Rescue Mission on Sept. 18th. 


Members are encouraged to find a disaster-relief service project they can donate to directly and to let Mike know.

We are coordinating Soctober for YOTO for next month.  We will either donate money to purchase socks or arrange for members to buy and drop off socks.  More information will follow. 




Our picnic originally scheduled for Oct. 24 will be postponed until the Spring;


The Holiday Party/Super Bowl party will not take place in person this year.  Suggestions for a virtual party are welcome





Our speaker was our member, Dr. Glenn Shaw, Professor Emeritus, University of Alaska International Arctic Research Center.  His presentation was titled “Clouds in Art”.  He explained that although the science of cloud physics has been studied since the 1800’s, clouds have been also been studied for visual art purposes.  He shared a variety of artwork from throughout the world depicting clouds in various ways including seasonal scenes, skies after volcanic eruptions, battle scenes, etc.  He challenged everyone to pay special attention to the clouds in art the next time you’re in a museum.

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