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June 1, 2023 

Special Dates:

Happy Birthday to:  Rad Fisher (2nd); Mike Peller (6th); Barry Blonder (8th); Phil Scott (16th); Fred Muthard (27th);

Happy Anniversary to:  Ethan and Jessica McCardell (8th); Max and Pat Crowell (14th); Larry and Valerie Housman (19th)


Happy Rotary Anniversary to:  Max Crowell l(1983); Vern Andor (1991);



Carlos Ruiz of the Town of Tanque Verde initiative


Sergeant at Arms

Stu assumed the revived position of Sergeant at Arms. He outlined a ruthless series of finable acts. He also delivered a 25 question open book quiz on Rincon Rotary and Rotary International. A separate email was sent out on this.


Rotary Local:

We have a few projects ready for delivery and quite a few that still need to be fulfilled.  Please log on to and review all of the proposals; your assistance in getting the requests completed is appreciated.  


We also have a new proposal under discussion so please share your thoughts.  If you need assistance logging in, please contact


Mica Mountain HS is super excited!!  They have expressed their thanks to Rotary Local for the greenhouse that was delivered May 24 to their “Let’s Grow” club.  Once the concrete slab is poured, assembly will begin and by this time next year, Mica Mountain students will have green thumbs. 


Also, the delivery of a $500 grant to Kim Sheerer, English teacher at Empire High for her “Books Tell Our Stories". A delivery event will be scheduled with her students once the new school year begins.

Change of Gavel:

Our annual Change of Gavel to celebrate Warren’s year as President and to install Emma as our incoming President will be held on June 21st at the Mountain Oyster Club in the Catalina Room.  The cost is $38/per person.  Cocktails will start at 5:30pm; please bring cash to buy drink tickets.  Dinner will be served at 6pm followed by Emma’s Installation.  Please reserve your meal with Scott Hagerman. 

Service Projects:

Upcoming events for the summer will include a sock drive for the Marshall Home for Men (preferably non-slip socks) and a suitcase drive for local foster care programs; rather than having foster children be given a trash bag to hold their belongings, we want to give them their own roller-board suitcases.  Stay tuned for more information from Debbie Graves.



Carlos Ruiz, one of the team leading the Town of Tanque Verde initiative. He took us through plans for the incorporation of the Town of Tanque Verde, covering much to the eastern corridor of the valley, from the northern points of Sabino Springs and Catalina Highway to a southern point north of Vail, bordering on Saguaro National Park in the East and roughly the Houghton corridor on the West.


Other News

Patty Martin-Mabini is not doing well and help servicing her needs will be appreciated. If you can offer your help, please contact Debbie Graves at

James advised that the web site will be taken down for a short period to permit some housekeeping and updating.

Rocky noted that a couple of prospective members will be guests at the June 15 meeting. He also indicated we need help recruiting new members,



Pete drew the winning card and won the pot!!! (And magnanimous as he is, Pete donated his joker $ back to Rotary!)


June 8:     No meeting – Happy Hour
June 15:   Steve Holmes, Pima County Roads
June 22:   Change of Gavel evening at Mt. Oyster Club
June 29:    No meeting

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