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March 16, 2023


Bekah Taylor, former member;
Grant Handgis, prospective member and guest of James Mandolini;
Gladys Shaw, Glenn’s wife;
Franklin McCormick, Speaker

We indu
cted two new members today.  Paul Bowron is sponsored by Mike High and was joined by his girlfriend, former member Bekah Taylor.  Wayne Glass, sponsored by Glenn Shaw, was joined by his wife Ruth.  Welcome to you both!!!

Max Crowell presented a check for $6000 from the Desert Skies United Methodist Church to the Rincon Rotary Foundation as a thank you for our club’s support of their annual Flea Market.

Service Projects:
We will have a clean-up project on March 18 at 9am at Ethan McCardell’s church, Sunrise Chapel, 8421 E. Wrightstown Rd.  Please bring rakes, hula hoes, shovels, and any other yardwork tools you may have along with your gloves. 


Taste of Chocolate:
We need at least 8 more Chocolatiers for a successful event.  Everyone is asked to secure at least one caterer, restaurant, or chef.  We will gladly accept a vendor who is willing to prepare a non-chocolate item which can be a welcome relief after all the sweet treats.   And don’t forget we need Raffle items.  Fast food gift cards are really popular so please stop in and ask the Manager for a donation. 


Rotary Local:
Please log on to and review all of the proposals; your assistance in getting the requests completed is appreciated. 


March 23:  Club Forum

March 30:   No meeting

April 6:        Taste of Chocolate Planning meeting
April 13:       No meeting – Happy Hour


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